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A 6-Figure Business is a Painful Business

Do you think a 6-figure business is a painful business? I sat in the room thinking to myself “that doesn’t apply to me….I just want to make 6 figures in my business.  She’s only saying that because she’s made millions, but I will be satisfied with 6 figures.  I’m not greedy.  I don’t need that…

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How to Improve Your Staff Retention

Is staff turnover eating up your time with training and disrupting your practice? Are you experiencing turnover more than you’d like and don’t understand why? I hear you – let me help you get to the bottom of it. Sometimes turnover is due to making the wrong hiring decision in the first place. If you’re…

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Using a Hiring Screening Process That Works

Are you tired of your search for a new hire? The hiring techniques you’re using aren’t getting you those applicants who really fit into your practice and you find yourself spending hours sifting through countless resumes… then sitting down for hours of interviews that go nowhere. It’s time to get a hiring screening process that works…

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4 types of online speaking opportunities

When you’re limited by in-person marketing, what’s one of the best strategies to bring patients in? One thing that you still have and always have is your voice.  If you like educating people, speaking is one of the best approaches for attracting new patients (including telehealth) in this climate.  You can reach more people at…

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