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Should I charge less now because of the economy?

Q: People are watching their money more or haven’t worked for months. Should I charge less now because of the economy? A: People will pay for what they prioritize to be important.  There are still people with money to pay for what you have to offer.  In the most challenging recessions including the Great Depression,…

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3 Unique Introvert Advantages You Can Use to Grow Your Practice

Nowadays being an introvert is a cool thing.  We’re weathering the storm better than most.  Going out to restaurants and sitting far apart from another table, enjoying the quietness of places where it’s not so loud….things that we introverts naturally like 🙂    I admit, growing up I was the type who liked to stay…

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4 Lessons Nobody Tells You about Running Your Own Practice

Let’s be honest, being a practitioner and owning your own business is a journey.  And just like every trip, there are challenges that come with it. But nobody teaches you these lessons unless you are running your own practice. From the outside looking in, everything seems wonderful:  a beautiful clinic space, great clinical training, and…

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