Are you answering your own phones?

Are you doing everything in your practice right now —answering calls, scheduling, seeing patients, doing it all?

You are even answering incoming phone calls right now, because you’re not able to hire a full time office staff yet.  (if you already have front office staff, click here)

The problem is that sometimes people calling you trying to book an appointment may never call you back, because they’ve found someone else when you didn’t answer your phone.

And do you ever get tired of patients trying to get free doctoring by calling in with questions instead of scheduling appointments?

That’s why I’ve decided to interview Dr. Sam Schikowitz, ND, LAc.  He had issues like these, and decided to start a business 6 years ago to help practitioners with this by making office staff available at an easily affordable fee (and you don’t have to pay hefty recruiting fees).

Join me as I interview him Wed Aug 12 @ 5:30pm PT/8:30p ET  (Enter your name and email to access the replay) on “How to Hire a Good Receptionist, without Adding on More Overhead than Necessary”.  You’ll learn:  

  • The 5 biggest mistakes practitioners make when answering their own phones
  • Keys to hiring the right person to answer your phones, without adding on more overhead than is necessary
  • How to set up a hiring arrangement (and save yourself extra expenses), when you are only getting a handful of phone calls per day

RSVP Now:Dr. Schikowitz will also share how he’s been able to help holistic practitioners like you handle this side of things, so they grow without having to miss out on seeing people who would’ve become your patients if only your phone was answered efficiently.  He will be telling you stories of how practitioners have been able to grow from being a solo practitioner answering their own phones to scaling their practices without a lot of overhead.

He has a limited number of new practitioners he can take on right now. Because I know him, and you’re a part of my community, he will be making a special savings available to you if you’re on the call.

Join me in this special interview on Wed Aug 12 @ 5:30pm PT/8:30pm ET  Enter your name and email below to get access to the replay.

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