Get Your 6-Figure Speaking Free Gift

Because I know that some of you are excited about this & are ready to start using speaking as an approach to show up, do a talk, and get more clients in 1 hr than from a mo of networking, I have a gift for you.

1. Access your “Top 10 Best Places to Speak & Get Booked Quickly” Quickstart Guide
(you’ll receive this within 24 hrs).
2. We’ve opened up our calendar for 8 priority spots for a FREE “6-Figure Speaking Breakthrough” strategy session. Apply now!
NOTE: If you just want the free gift, but don’t wish to apply for a session, just put your name & email below and don’t fill out the application.

Apply Now:

What to expect:   This is an opportunity for us to look at your specific situation from a 6 & 7-figure perspective.
1. Receive insight on your specific situation, and how to have a 6 or 7-figure makeover through speaking

2. Create a simple plan to quickly get known in your community, without having to always “put yourself out there”

3. Come away with the next most effective strategic step to take to double your practice
(without double the work) in the next 90 days. Be on your way to 6 or 7-figures this year!

At the end of your session, you’ll have the opportunity to decide whether it’s a good match to work together with us further.