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As an attendee of the AANP webinar on “How to Coronavirus-Proof Your Practice during these Uncertain Times”, you are eligible to receive a special free gift.

Your free gift includes the opportunity to apply for a priority spot for a FREE 1-on-1 “Double My Practice” Strategy Session and specific plug and play templates & scripts that can help you right now with staying connected with your patients, attracting new ones (or start to monetize your expertise beyond seeing patients 1-on-1), and bringing in more cashflow during these times.

>> Simple Weekly Strategic Planning Sheet during uncertain times
>> Sample email schedule + key talking points 
(for email, video, in-office visits)
>> Sample website layout (to book free consults or paid appointments)
>> Funding resources aside from stimulus package
>> Script:  What to say
 to inspire interest in how you can help
(Video or FB Live)
>> Coronavirus information resources (social media images)


During your sesssion, you’ll come away with:

  1. Insight into your biggest challenge in your practice right now
  2. Your #1 area of opportunity to bring in a consistent flow of patients/clients (or if you’re closed, what to do now)
  3. The next most strategic step to take to double your practice
    (without double the work).

Apply to be considered for a “Double My Practice” Strategy Session. It’s my gift to you, if you qualify.

To get started, enter your name & email below. Everything is 100% confidential. Spots are very limited, and only people who are ready to do what it takes to get to the next level are invited to apply. If you qualify, you’ll be contacted within 24 hrs to book your 1-on-1 session!