6-Figure Speaking for Introverts-VIP Makeover Mentorship Experience

What to Expect

This 6-Figure Speaking VIP Makeover Mentorship for Introverts is specifically designed to help you get in with MD referrals quickly and dial in your one signature talk that brings in provider referrals consistently.  You’ll also receive the system for bringing in patients directly from a signature webinar/talk as a bonus.

In addition to the VIP ½ Days and the bonuses included, you will receive guidance from Chen in a small group setting by Zoom during the 90-day makeover mentorship.  All done-for-you templates, scripts, and system relevant to what’s covered in the mentorship are included.

It’s time to share your message to wake up the planet, and get paid well for your knowledge!

6-Figure Speaking Makeover for Introverts
Two Small Group VIP 1/2 Days with Chen

We will meet via Zoom for both VIP ½ Days. Chen will hold your hand and help you step-by-step
through creating the right offer and getting your signature talk done that converts.


VIP ½ Day #1: How to Attract Patients Quickly from Your Talks (including Online), and an Important Blueprint that Brings in MD Referrals

*This half day is designed to get important keys to the blueprint in place to attract new patients and provider referrals from your talks, Zoom meeting, or video.  It will help you communicate your services in a compelling way.  This half day has been a gamechanger for a lot of our clients.

  • The most effective ways to attract patients consistently by speaking & getting known in front of providers
  • An overlooked key to referral-generating talks or interactions with MDs
    and other practitioners: an important framework that significantly increases referrals
  • Communicate what you offer in a compelling way
  • How to multiply the provider referrals you get, without having to always be marketing


VIP ½ Day #2: Creating Your Signature Talk that Converts
*This half day is designed to help you get your signature “Patients Come to Me” talk done.

  • Your 6-Figure Speaking Income Plan and an Overlooked Key to Higher Conversions
  • Create your juicy talk title, so more providers want to hear what you have to say
  • Create your signature talk to bring in patients predictably
  • Keys to the intro and the close:  two keys to higher conversions

90-Day Makeover Mentorship Training Calls

Enjoy *weekly calls during the small group mentorship, so you experience momentum with getting booked, and becoming confident with your signature talk that converts.
*one week break for integration.

Training schedule with Chen: Every week for 4 weeks, then every other week.
Chen will help you step-by-step through the 6-Figure Speaking for Introverts system, so you can use this to connect with MDs 1:1 or get invited to speak to providers (including online) & increase provider referrals.  Ask Chen your business-specific questions during the sessions and receive help from her directly.

Session #1:  How to Choose the Best Topic & Angle, So MDs Want to Connect with You

Session #2: Before Designing Your Signature Talk that Converts Cheat Sheet

Session #3: Speaker One Sheet Must-Haves to Gain MDs’ interest
(use 1:1, in a clinic setting, or larger groups of providers)

Session #4:  Getting ‘in’ with MDs + where to get invited for bigger opportunities

Session #5:  How to Get Your Foot in the Door and Get Seen as a Go-To Practitioner
(including exactly what to say to get past the gatekeeper)

Session #6:  Designing an Engaging Intro, and Have Your Audience at Hello

Session #7:  What to Say in Your Close to Confidently Walk Away with
New Patients or Provider Referrals (without being awkward or pushy)

Session #8:   What to Bring to Your Talk to Significantly Increase Conversions

Session #9:   The #1 Key to Increasing Conversions & Referrals

Speaking and Converting with Confidence: Action Labs

After Session #6 during alternate weeks, you will be jumping on Speaking and Converting with Confidence – Action lab calls where you will be able to experience what you learned in action.  You will be paired up with a partner and experience giving your close, etc. and get feedback from each other and from Chen or our lead strategist.  This will allow you to feel more confident when you’re actually giving your talk in front of people who could be paying you money (or sending you referrals).


Additional Bonuses
Private Cash Boost Session with Chen ($1000 value)
*45-min private 1-on-1 session, pre-scheduled with Chen

Uniqueness Factor Magic

Hands-on workshop where we’ll pull your Uniqueness Factor out of you. You’ll be able to communicate it so it lands for people. You’ll be able to incorporate it in your website & other marketing assets to help you attract paying clients more effectively.


Access to our exclusive 6-Figure Speaking Makeover Mentorship private Facebook page

Receive access to help in between mentorship sessions, including feedback on your specific Speaker One-Sheet, signature talk, and getting yourself booked. Receive support from the community and direct guidance from Chen.

The investment in this mentorship is $5000.
Everything is included.