5 opportunities to generate patients by speaking

“Where to find speaking opportunities?”
This is the most common question I get from chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, and functional medicine practitioners who want to reach more people at once by speaking.

There are 5 kinds of speaking opportunities. Knowing them will allow you to have patient or money-generating opportunities that you otherwise wouldn’t have thought of.

1.  Free= you speak for free.  If you know what you’re doing and have a signature talk that brings in patients (or converts to what you’re offering) well, these opportunities can be better than paid opportunities, because it’s less restrictive.  

A client of mine is speaking at a medium-sized corporation next week, and although I typically advocate getting paid for speaking at corporations, the opportunity she is getting is great because they actually want her to make an offer from the talk.  She can easily walk away with new patients from that talk using the 6-Figure Speaking System for Introverts structures.

2.  Paid= you get paid to speak.  Nice to feel a sense of accomplishment that you will get paid to speak.  The drawback though, is that many times there are more restrictions than a free talk (it may not be kosher to be offering your paid services at talk you’re getting paid to speak at).  Also, it requires more of a vetting process (typically a longer, bureaucratic process) and most places won’t pay you to speak unless you have experience speaking, whereas you can get your foot in the door easier for free speaking opportunities.

3.  Pay to speak = you pay to speak.  Why would anyone pay to speak?  This can be worthwhile if you are in front of a very targeted audience.  It can be places like health expos, events hosted by entrepreneurs who are serious about their businesses (and who are spending money on business training to even attend the event.  Spenders are more likely to spend money). Sometimes these can be one of the most beneficial patient-generating opportunities, if you know what you’re doing.  Especially if you get a speaking opportunity + pair it up with an exhibit booth you’re sponsoring.

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4.  Host your own= do your own thing.  Choose your audience. Many times, a higher percentage of new patients/clients come from these talks (compared to talks done elsewhere), especially if the audience took the time to come listen to you at your clinic.  These can be ones you host with or without food.  Cons= you need to do the legwork to get people to show up.  

5.  Webinar or podcast= exposure online & repeated exposure when doing the work just once.
It’s funny, because people ask me about how they can start doing webinars, but many are more concerned about the logistics of getting them set up than the skill of getting patients or clients from them.  I spoke to a chiropractor the other week who said he set up webinars but isn’t getting a lot of patients from it.  This is because he doesn’t have the right strategy & systems in place, nor a signature talk that converts.

Contrast that with a client of mine, a naturopathic doctor, who showed up on someone else’s podcast and brought in thousands of dollars and new patients from that appearance..not because of name recognition of her but rather because she followed the 6-Figure Speaking System for Introverts structures when getting interviewed.  

When you know what you’re doing and you have a signature talk that brings in patients, it doesn’t matter what kind of opportunity you take advantage of.  You can turn each opportunity into patient or money-generating opportunities instead of just exposure opportunities. Simply exposure is a slow way to build a practice.  Patient-generating opportunities will help you build your practice much faster.

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