A 4-Hr Workweek – Possible for Practitioners?

Have you ever heard of the “4-Hr Workweek” by Timothy Ferris?  The New York Times Best-selling book is about putting things in place so that you can choose to work just 4 hsr/wk and not be tied to any location.  It sounds great, but can’t see that happening anytime soon?

Join me to hear one Dr.’s journey in just 2 short years: starting a practice that became busy, scaling back to 3 & ½ days/week while living his passion, putting in place another stream of income so he can continue to scale back, plus using local media to get a boost of patients when he wanted patients.

His goal is having a 4 hr workweek…
He is on track to being there more than many holistic health practitioners are.  There are many things about his practice that he loves and that most practitioners don’t have even after working 10 years…having flexibility and other streams of income while doing what he loves..  Plus, he hasn’t even been practicing that long.

Listen to the replay of my interview of Dr. Timothy Miller, ND, LAc, and registered aromatherapist.  I met Dr. Miller when he was organizing the Naturopathic Medical Student Association National Convention that I was speaking at last year .  His entrepreneurial spirit stood out to me.  He maintains a busy private practice in his hometown of Lockport, NY, serving the community of Western New York.

Dr. Timothy Miller is an international speaker, workshop leader, and contributing author.  He is passionate about teaching on the chemistry of aromatherapy and its clinical uses.  Dr. Miller serves as the North American Distributor for RadarOpus, the chief homeopathic repertorization and reference software.  He is also the founder and CEO of Naturopathic CE, the leading online provider of natural medicine continuing education.

Access the replay of the interview “All in 2 Years:  Growing a Thriving Practice and Another Stream of Income”:
*How he used local media to create buzz and grow his practice
*What he did to get patients on the books even before he graduated
*His journey to starting another naturopathic-related business that brings in another stream of income (beyond seeing patients 1-on-1)
*Bonus for NDs:  Tips about practicing in an unlicensed state

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