3 tips to boost the practice if it’s slow in the summer

Has it been slow in your practice this summer?  Or maybe August tends to be the slowest and you’re not looking forward to it…

You’re not alone.  Patients go on vacation and then somehow drop off care.  What can you do to increase patient volume and income right now?

Hot Tip #1:  Send out a super short email.   
This is a great introverted way to boost the practice by connecting with your patients and/or people on your list.  People get many emails these days.  You can stand out by writing a short personal email & sign it your name, instead of sending a long newsletter.  It is more likely to engage people.  Then you can start a conversation and inspire new referrals or patients to return.

Subject:  stiff neck

Hi [First Name],
I’ve been seeing a lot of patients coming in with stiff neck lately.
Have you come across anyone complaining about having a stiff neck]?
Let me know, because acupuncture is working so well for this,
[Your name]
(NOTE: replace “stiff neck” with a common health issue you treat)
(Replace “acupuncture” with the modality you use to treat)

Try it!  Let me know how it goes.  It works.
Don’t have your patients’ emails?  Try old school calling and checking in on their patients to see how they are doing.

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Hot Tip #2.  Point out why now is the best time to come in.  
Ever notice how retail stores always seem to have a sale with every holiday and something special in the summer?  They are smart because they bring up a reason to have a sale, get people excited, and customers buy.

For example, one of my Introverted Visionaries Mastermind clients brought in 5 figures in a month just from a strategically thought out supplement sale in July.  He pointed out why it was a good time to purchase the supplements he was offering.You can send out an offer email and tie the reason of it to it being the summer.

You just need to point out why now.  For example, could you bring up that summer is often a time when people are more prone to injuries?

Think about one condition you treat or a service that you offer. Why is summer the best time for someone to come in for that (or take you up on that)?  You can send out an offer email to your patient base and people you’re connected with, talk about it with people as you go about your day, or ask for referrals with that in mind.

You can even post this up on your Facebook page (personal and business pg) one day this week if you have an opening:  ” “I had an appointment slot open up at 2pm! First lucky person to grab the slot gets to come in right away today!”

Hot Tip #3:  Clear out the non-supportive belief that there are certain times of the year that are slower than others.  In my first business that I grew to 7 figures in less than 5 years, someone on my team had her own business before for 20 years.  She would always say to me that December was the slowest month, because people went on vacation.

That month, I said to her, “what if we had the biggest month in December?”  And we did.  Went in with the attitude of “what if we could get all the business that other people didn’t think they could get because it was slow?”

If we come in with the limiting belief that a certain month or time of the year is slow, we’ll attract that.  What happened last year or last month before is the result of the the decisions and mindset from before and is in no reflection of what can be possible now if you know what to do.

Ready for your practice to pick up?

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