3 Tips to Avoid Bad Hires & Headaches

Did your staff (or team member) give notice and tell you they’re leaving?  You have to hire again *oh not again* You’re dreading the whole hiring process.

Or maybe you still work by yourself, and you’ve been getting tired of doing everything yourself in your practice.. but you’re scared of hiring someone to help you, because you don’t want hiring headaches that come with a bad hire.

That fleeting thought of “oh no, I have to hire again” went through my mind just a few weeks ago when someone on my team shared with me that she would be transitioning on.  Except this time was different.  After that thought (and definitely will miss her very much), it became an excitement of possibility.

Would you like to hear some things I wish I knew before going through hires like candy in my first business (yup, made a lot of mistakes), finding myself feeling frustrated…until I landed on an amazing team that ran a 7-figure business without me?

A bad hire happens from as early as a bad job description.

Here are 3 overlooked things to include in a job description to attract the staff you can count on & who require little management:
*One of the tips cut my screening time down by half*

Attract the right person Tip #1: Include a list of descriptive characteristics that you would really like to see specifically in a person in the role.  Not just a couple of words, but a list.

Things like “persuasive, compelling, intuitive, resilient, resourceful, creative, heart-centered, passionate, independent”. (you get the idea–write out a list of the characteristics you’d really like in the person).

My job postings include 3 lines of these descriptive words in the middle of the posting.  What I’ve noticed is that I’ve attracted better applicants, and the people who are really excited about the position say they saw themselves in the description.

Attract the right person Tip #2: Include 3 questions within the job posting that require a response, and screen for thoughtful responses.  *This has cut down my time reviewing applications by half.*

For example, in my ads, one of the questions I ask is: “What attracted you to this & how do you see this opportunity fit in with your career plans & personal goals?”

I also make it clear that the questions must be answered completely (along with sending a resume), or they would not be considered.

If applicants don’t answer the questions fully or ignore them, I just hit “delete”.  I’m still amazed by the number of people who don’t follow full instructions. (I admit, I have tried out being lenient on this before, only to find out time & time again, that it’s a waste of time interviewing them).

Attract the right person Tip #3: Write with a personal tone and allow the vision of your practice to shine through the ad.  When your exciting vision becomes something that a candidate can get excited about, you’ll attract a better match. They will get a sense of you & what your business stands for even before having an interview.

Most job descriptions start out with what is wanted in a candidate, without sharing how being in the role could benefit that person’s desires beyond the pay. INCLUDE BOTH what you want and how the role could benefit them in the first couple of sentences.

Hiring the best team to support you as you grow is one of the keys to going from 5 to 6 figures, and 6 to 7 figures. It’s also the key to keeping your sanity, and not having to worry what’s going to happen when you go on vacation.

Are hiring issues just part of the challenges you’re having in your practice? If all these issues are just making you frustrated & ready for a practice makeover, click here to apply for a Double Your Practice Strategy Session.

We’ll have a good look at what’s going on, and help you with a next most strategic step to take in your practice that will help you double your sanity while doubling your practice (and income, while you’re at it).

Then comment below on what you you liked (or don’t agree with) about these tips.

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