3 Unique Introvert Advantages You Can Use to Grow Your Practice

Nowadays being an introvert is a cool thing.  We’re weathering the storm better than most.  Going out to restaurants and sitting far apart from another table, enjoying the quietness of places where it’s not so loud….things that we introverts naturally like 🙂   Chen Yen grow Violin

I admit, growing up I was the type who liked to stay at home to read, go out with my best friend to the movies, play the violin and that sufficed.

We introverts don’t naturally jump up and down to attend large social gatherings not because we are anti-social or aloof.  We just find it a exhausting and draining physically and mentally to be around people all the time.

Little does anybody know that, beyond that ‘aloof’ person, there are beautiful universes created.  Filled with adventures of saving the world from crazy monsters in colorful costumes. 

Some of the most outstanding geniuses out there to walk and breathe on this earth have been introverts. Albert Einstein for instance, Rosa Parks, Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling, Audrey Hepburn, and so forth.  Positive attributes ooze from introverts if they’re given the right platform to shine on.

So what are some of the advantages introverts can use to grow their practice especially in this climate? 

Alone Time isn’t a Liability  

introvert space practiceDo you ever feel like you aren’t fully ready to be engaging with people especially in situations where you are forced to do so (i.e: social gatherings/events)?

One thing is to notice if you are trying to force yourself.  Recognize that in that moment you don’t feel like talking and you’re not going to talk. When you’re more ready, then you’ll be more available to do that. 

It is important to notice those instances and be accepting that you aren’t ready to meet new people and make small talk in that moment.

Introverts are more comfortable with their own thoughts and spending time alone.

Newton practice

This alone time helps us recharge our social batteries, regroup our thoughts and have some time to enjoy activities we like to do alone.

Did you know that this time is essential for successful people?  Some of humankind’s greatest discoveries came from this alone time.

My perfect idea for spending my own free time is to sit on a beach, alone, and enjoying that present moment or daydreaming.

So while everyone may be rushing to jump onto the first party / event they are invited to once this COVID thing is over, and you decide that you aren’t fully charged to join in, accept that this alone time isn’t a liability and that it is something you need.

Treat People with Compassion

We introverts often think of other people and how we can be of help to those around us.

This is why introverts make such grBuild people eat leaders, compassion.  It comes more naturally to us introverts to listen more and it helps when it comes to building rapport and friendships.  

Since our process of making friends tends to be more thoughtful and slow, we introverts tend to make quality relationships with fewer people and are content with having a few really good friends even if it means having fewer people show up to our birthday parties or wedding.

Employees benefit from having a leader who listens to their ideas, giving them a space to flourish and get more creative. 

Focus on your Strength

Think about this for a moment, we introverts have some major advantages. 

There is a misconception about introvertedness that it’s not good for business, and that the only successful leaders are extroverts. 

Did you know that the majority of top CEOs are introverts? 

This was concluded by The CEO Genome Project, a study conducted over 10 years of 2000 top CEOs. 

love yourself introvertsThis comes down to embracing your introvertedness as an advantage.

Remember, what a lot of people are missing out on is your beautiful brilliance. 

Ever since I started fully embracing my introvert self, the most random opportunities would come my way.  For example, I got a call once from the senior producer of a documentary project that Laurence Fishburne was a part of.  The producer had gotten my name and wanted to invite me to participate.  So random as I don’t have any connections in Hollywood.  Another time, someone contacted me and connected me with a company I had wanted to collaborate with but wasn’t sure how to get my foot in the door.  It was like a dream come true that I ended up getting introduced without having to try hard for it to happen.  

Things like that happen even more and in higher frequency after embracing and owning your introvertedness and being the fullest expression of your uniqueness. 

For instance, we at Fill My Holistic Practice and IntrovertedVisionary.com are all about embracing our uniqueness and showing you how you can turn your uniqueness into an advantage.

Consistent Patients Makeover for introvertsOne of the first things we help you with in our Consistent Patient Makeover Mentorship for Introverts, is uncovering your Uniqueness Factor and how to communicate your value so people “get it”.  Aligned to your own self-expression and goals for your practice.  That way, people put the two and two together and feel “I have to see you”.  It’s a more effective way of attracting patients into your practice without having to do as much marketing.

After all, this is an important part of every business, and when you don’t know how to communicate your value effectively, people won’t even call. 

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