How to get your next 20 patients without much marketing

How do you get your next 20 patients without having to do much marketing? 

How do you set up systems that give you predictability & a lot more happy patients who refer?

Sometimes learning from other professions and bringing it to your own profession can help you be more out-of-the-boxand grow your practice more easily.  Out-of-the-box approaches make you stand out, so you’re not just any chiropractor, acupuncturist, naturopathic physician, or health coach.


When I grew my first business to 7 figures in less than 5 years, my mentors were mainly outside of my profession & had nothing to do with my business.  It was exactly what helped me be progressive in my own business–we did things that other companies in my profession weren’t doing….and that allowed us to become the most requested company for what we did, while charging the most in our industry and getting it.

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Acupuncture Online Marketing Summit

November 9-13


“That doesn’t apply to me, because I’m not an acupuncturist.”  Think again…

What to expect:

  • A never before seen look at how 14 of the top acupuncture professionals and experts built thriving practices from scratch and keep their calendars booked solid
  • A sneak peek at the lineup:  Honora Lee Wolfe, showing you how to get your next 20 patients with simple marketing strategies that worked for her.
    • AJ Adamczyk: how he used Facebook to get 40 new paying clients without spending a dime.
    • Donna Stewart:  the seven essential money skills to help you make more money in your acupuncture practice.
    • Justin Mandel: how to use powerful press release marketing to explode your practice.
    • Michael Gaetea: previous award-winning president of the Acupuncture Society of New York, who will be giving you tips straight from his own systems –from his successful acupuncture practice of 25 years.
    • Robin Green:  how she tripled the number of kids she saw in just one year & consistently fills her practice treating peds patients, and how you can too

 ….and OTHER top practice growth experts!

BONUSES just for signing up:

  • 12-Visit Protocol for Lifetime Patients (by Jeffrey Grossman)
  • FREE VIDEO TRAINING:  How to Buy or Sell an Acupuncture Practice
  • BONUS Training:  ICD Billing for a More Proficient & Profitable Practice.

Plus giveaway prizes when you attend!!


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