Acupuncturists, Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractors,
Functional Medicine Practitioners:  

Frustrated woman

Are you dealing with any of these frustrations?


✋ Your practice is slower than you'd like, OR

✋ Your practice is busy and you're staying late to fit patients in...

Is this you?  

✋ You've been thinking about using your knowledge to help more people and even create additional income streams
like online programs/packages/offers, BUT you don't know where to start.

✋ Or you already have an online program, BUT it's not selling and you don't really know how to market it
to really make money.


Now, picture this…

You wake up every day busy with seeing you in person or via telehealth, without you seeking them out.

Bringing in another stream of income that doesn't require seeing more patients in person.

Growing your practice in a way that feels good to you without having to manage people.

The truth is this doesn’t have to be a dream that you just wish for,

This can be your reality. 

Now I know what you’re thinking… #mindreaderskills

“But how… I 'm down with income and patient volume right now."

“All I want is to have less stress and more consistent income!”

If you’ve ever said this to a friend, partner or spouse…
…you’re NOT alone. 

The number one reason many chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors and functional medicine practitioners feel overwhelmed right now is because… 

… they have a plate that’s overflowing with ideas but NOT a solid plan.

  • “Just start offering telehealth sessions.” 
  • “Post on social media -Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In” 
  • “Email your patients.” 
  • “Do videos"
  • "Do Facebook Lives, post videos on You Tube"
  • “Come up with something you can offer online.”
  • "You need a funnel."
  • “Run Facebook ads.”
  • “Create a Facebook group."

The list is endless, exhausting and…it's not working!

And here’s the funny thing… 

… you DON’T need to do all of of these. 

That’s right. 

Got your attention, didn’t I? 

But I’m serious. 

You can build and grow your telehealth practice, bring in more patients into your physical practice, or grow your online business without putting yourself through the social/SEO/
put yourself out there-all-the-time wringer.
You can have an additional stream of income without being good at the tech stuff.
You can create the work-life balance you’ve been dreaming of and when this is over, take that vacation without worrying about bills and credit card debt.

And here’s how you’ll do it…


Create Another Stream of Income
14 Days to Cashflow Now + Monetize Your Expertise

Get instant access to the modules, system, and templates + a bonus 1/2 Day live in a small group setting
(it's recorded also :).

Instant Access to the system to get started with right away,

Half day options you may choose from over the next 3 months (or catch recording)

Let’s start attracting clients online to your holistic health practice (virtual or in-person), in a more automated way. 

Your Fellow Holistic Health Practitioner Wants You to Know This…

Brandy Valentine

"My patient numbers went up by 5 patients/week when I started working with Chen and when COVID-19 happened, the 14 Days Program helped me with momentum.  This momentum and guidance helped me book telehealth patients when my practice was closed (at a time when many other practices were completely shut down and not making any money). 

Now I am seeing the number of patients I want to see."  Brandy Valentine, LAc

14 Days to Cashflow Now + Monetize Your Expertise program
Here’s What to Expect:

(scroll down below this for more deets)

Clarity + Monetize Your Expertise = Immediate Cashflow
Get clear on your 30, 60, and 90-day strategic plan.
Get clear on the best cash flow project for you and your practice.
Be clear on what to work on each and every day.

Training to Uplevel Yourself

Gain useful skills you can benefit from now and over and over again throughout your career
to attract new patients quickly (virtual or in-person), bring in another stream of income,
and increase your take home pay.

Quick Implementation --> Results

Plug into fill-in-the-blanks templates!

You're going to get done-for-you samples of our best marketing tools (some produce 90% open rates.)

You can help more people right now and bring in more cashflow.


You can (finally!) stop waiting for COVID-19 to be over and go to being fully booked
+ bring in another stream of income

Here are the details of what you'll get:


Module #1

Immediate strategies to bring in cashflow

*A step-by-step plan and guidance to bring in cashflow quickly while helping more people

*Your specific 30, 60, 90-day strategic plan during these changing times

*How exactly to leverage your connection with your current patient base
and online presence to bring in more patients and cashflow

Icon-Get Clear on What to Monetize
Woman & Man Icon

Strategy #1:  Cashflow-Generating Content to Bring Back Current and Previous Patients
Want to book more telehealth appointments or patients in person?

This simple plug & play content-generation method does 3 things:
1.  Leads to booking paid telehealth appointments or more in-person visits.
2.  Gets your patients interested in your new online offering,
3.  Re-connects you to your people, so they line themselves up when you open


You've got to love it 🙂 We have practitioners who are quickly converting the Cashflow-Generating Content into immediate paydays after 1-2 communications.  Don't have an email list?  Don't worry, we have a simple easy-to-implement approach for you too.   Save yourself time from having to come up with it yourself.

patients content

Strategy #2:  Cashflow-Generating Content to Attract New Patients

(or Clients for Your Online Program/Offer)

-- We're going to show you exactly how to do this using your sweet spot medium

(email, text, mail, or video)

and GIVE you proven Templates to get it done FAST --

Whether your content is about Immunity, Sleep Problems, Stress,

Gaining Weight, Fertility, etc ... people are seeking more health information right now than any time in history,

and these hot topic content MAKE YOU THEIR GO TO HEALTH RESOURCE.

checklist templates and swipe files


  • 14 Days Checklist - so you know exactly what to focus on every day
    to bring in cashflow quickly
  • 14 Days Vault so you save yourself from trying to re-invent the wheel.
    Step-by-step system that's working in this climate
  • Telehealth visit attraction marketing templates + booking script -
    use this right away to book more virtual appointments
  • Proven Marketing Swipe Files -
    (including emails, texts, a website layout, and social media)
    that have resulted immediately in patients booking for telehealth, in-person visits, and online group programs/packages
  • 30, 60, 90 Day Planning Sheet - so you have a solid plan for May, June, and July

Your Fellow Holistic Health Practitioner want You to Know This…

Angela Potter

"The 14 Days Program is incredibly helpful to growing a successful practice. I wish I had this years ago!  I feel confident as I go through her trainings to implement a plan so I can have the business I've always wanted.  I've booked more consults." Angela Potter, ND

3 Things You Need to Start Making Money Online

module #2

Get clear on what to monetize beyond seeing patients 1-on-1

Have you wanted passive income that comes in while you sleep, from BOTH people in your community and people from all over the world?

That's why we originally designed this program, so you can quickly start to create multiple steams of income, from people you may never have met in person.

It's one thing to think something is helpful; it's another for people to want to pay you for it.


We'll determine what is HOT and REALLY WANTED, and how to package it in a way that attracts people with the money to pay you for it.

I'm pulling back the curtains to show you the exact process LAcs, DCs, NDs, and functional medicine practitioners are using to determine what to monetize to leverage their time beyond seeing more patients 1-on-1.

Done-For You Templates:

  • 5 Types of Service-Based, Digital, and Online Offerings - pros and cons of each as a holistic health practitioner, freedom-based business models
    (online 1-on-1, group, passive and recurring income, plus more)
    and how to choose the one that's most profitable for you
  • TEMPLATE: Money-Making Potential - Idea Evaluator - how to determine if your idea is HOT and REALLY WANTED, before you invest a lot of time and resources
  • What's Hot & What's Not LIst - 10 specific angles that are working right now in this climate to attract people who have the money to pay
Joshuah Jackson

"I signed up for the 14 Days Program at the beginning of the covid pandemic, so things were pretty uncertain with clinic closures and businesses shutting down.  I was able to get instruction on how to still build a practice virtually with online offerings.  I even sold my first virtual health package for $1995 on the last day of the program. " Joshuah Jackson, AP, DOM


module #3

 Create your first online offering or another stream of income

Now, let's together what you're offering in a way that's compelling and that people will pay you for.  What to include (or not to include). Considerations on pricing.

Let's also continue to bring more cashflow in now (whether it's within your practice or another avenue).

I'll be pulling back the curtains to our proprietary 4-step process that we have helped our clients with that have allowed them to offer online offerings even over $1000.

*Done-for-you templates & scripts

*Plus laser mentoring on your first online offering.


  • Package and Pricing it to Sell Effortlessly Template + Checklist - what to include and how to charge, so you're paid what you're worth and feel good about what you're charging
  • The Leverage & Multiply Your Effect Cheat Sheet- stand out from the crowd with your offering, so more people will take you up on it
  • Marketing Your Offer Blueprint for laying out your offer visually to communicate it in a compelling way

Every practitioner should give him / herself "a gift of Chen"! I was struggling to refocus my practice in this post-CoVid 19 reality and had no idea of ​​how to start. After the first meeting the horizon had already expanded and I was exploring new media and formulating new projects. By the end I had developed an entire new project, written the outline and presented it to a group via teleconference ... And this is just the beginning. - Patrizia Paiar, LAc, MS in Kinesiology


module #4

Start Offering It, without having to spend a lot of time on social media

Here's the truth: you can try to make sure all your ducks are lined up in a row and have it take forever--build your list, create funnels, develop a following on Facebook..or you can start offering it now, whether its an online package, group program, telemedicine sessions, or something else that brings in another stream of income.

*The minimum viable thing to have in place to start offering it
*The #1 skill to master
*How to communicate your offer in a compelling way
*The exact system & templates to plug into to get paying clients, even before doing the 'I need to get my ducks lined up in the row' things above

Fast Track It!

  • The Fastest Path to Cash Roadmap - your specific roadmap to share your message, based on what you're offering without having to spend a lot of time posting on social media, doing videos, or things you don't enjoy doing
  • SCRIPT:  What to say so your next person or group signs up for your online offer - learn how to speak to your ideal clients in a way that captures their attention and wants to pay you for what you have to offer, without being pushy or salesy
  • The Secret to Building a Big Reach Quickly without having an email list and even if you're not tech savvy

Plus Surprise Bonuses When You Register NOW!
(just know that my surprise bonuses are always good and you'll regret not getting them if you take your sweet time)

I can't wait to see you start to leverage your time!

Let’s start attracting clients online to your holistic health practice (virtual or in-person), in a more automated way. 

The Client Attraction Suite of Bonuses

14 Days Checklist  + Vault

($997 value)

The exact checklist to keep you focused on the most important things that will bring in cashflow quickly within 14 days.

Also get access to the 14 Days Vault of things that are working for holistic health practitioners right now that you can piggyback off of.

Attract Clients +
 Money Kickoff Call

($297 value)

Learn and apply the exact steps Chen used to manifest money quickly during difficult financial times.

Practice Evaluation

($297 value)

Receive insight into the biggest frustrations you're experiencing in your practice right now and a strategic game plan to help you have your biggest year!

Leveraged cartoon image

BONUS 1/2 Day Option #1:
Put Together Your Leveraged Offer that People Will Want to Pay You For

choose ($997 value)

This half-day is designed to help you get your leveraged services/offer created that allow you to stop trading time for money.

Plus, we'll cover something that's been a Gamechanger for our clients for Increasing Supplemental Income, Retention, and Dr. Referrals

Choice of dates to make in the next few months. Everything is recorded.

You will choose between bonus 1/2 day option #1 or 2, and our lead strategist will finalize your placement based on where you are at in your practice.

BONUS 1/2 Day
Option #2: Fill My Practice Fast Immersion

($797 value)

This 1/2 Day group Immersion sill help you with the 4 steps of the Fill My Practice Fast Formula, so that it sets you apart. Whether you want to bring more patients into the practice, or monetize your expertise, these four steps are foundational to getting more people interested in what you have to offer.

Includes done-for-you templates & scripts to help your front office book more appointments (and for you to get more people on board with care or even offer packages). 

Many of our clients have used this system to help them raise & command higher fees and transition to all-cash practice without losing patients. 

Choice of dates to make in the next few months. Everything is recorded. 

Automated Way of Getting Referrals Online

($997 value)

Get an automated system in place to get you found online. This system can also help automate getting new patient referrals, and make it easier for you to make special offers to your community without feeling like you're being salesy.

Let’s start attracting clients online to your holistic health practice (virtual or in-person), in a more automated way. 

Your fellow Holistic Health Practitioners want You to Know this:

Stacey Duckett

"This program opened my eyes to seeing possibilities and taking an idea and moving forward with it.  Without the 14 Days program, the idea of getting started just remains an idea.  When COVID first happened, my practice stayed open and I was at 75% capacity (instead of ie, less than 50% which is what I've heard my other colleagues were at back then) because of Chen's help.  Plus, I was able to get things in place to offer online."  Stacey Duckett, DC

Alicia Masiulis

"Before I took this 14 Days Program, I didn't understand how to create and market a successful online functional nutrition practice. Now I understand all the step that I can take and how to make it more simple. I also now feel like I have a better idea of what my target audience is.  Thank you!"  Alicia Masiulis, LAc, FABORM

Jack Chang

"Before the 14 Days program, I wanted to move my practice from insurance to cash and was stuck on how to market myself and didn't want to be bothering my patients.  I learned quite a bit about marketing for getting a business going online that I never knew was really possible,  from a brick-and-mortar, live 1-on- 1, in person type business to being online, it makes it also a little bit less scary. And the exciting part is also getting to help your patients by getting a system in place that you can provide for to get you there. I’m very impressed with it." Jack Chang, L.Ac

aQui Mizrahi LAc

 "Chen's authenticity and desire to help holistic practitioners excel in business is obvious. Her knowledge of how to help others level up their business is extensive and accessible."   aQui Mizrahi, LAc, DACM

Your 6 & 7-Figure Practice Makeover Mentor

Chen Yen-Photo

Hi! I’m Chen Yen

and I’m the founder of Fill My Holistic Practice and I can’t wait to share over 17 years of marketing experience and practice growth secrets with you in the 14 Days Program.

While I was good at my work, as an introvert, I struggled to grow my business and would often procrastinate doing things to market my business that my extroverted mentors told me to do.

Honestly, it was pull-my-hair-out frustrating to try and be someone I knew I wasn’t.

Being around large groups of new people I didn't know, trying to persuade people to do things, and being "out there" networking was NOT my thing.

After a plateful of rejection and disappointment and too much trial-and-error, I figured out an introverted way to grow my business without having to do as much marketing.

I've been through tough times financially in my business that I grew to 7 figures in less than 5 years, so I know what it's like to reinvent yourself.

After helping clients grow their practices more effectively (there's a reason why the Immediate Past President of American Association of Naturopathic Physicians was a 3-year client of ours, the Board Member of American Society of Acupuncturists, and Past President of the Chiropractic Association (Sports Medicine) are clients of ours)....and helping our clients have their busiest weeks and go beyond trading time for money with other streams of income.....

.....I can’t wait to help you with THIS simple step-by-step approach to leverage your practice beyond seeing patients 1-on-1 successfully. 

Here’s what I believe… 

…if intuition isn’t speaking, neither should we. You don’t have to do the things that your intuition isn’t speaking to.

… going against the grain is good for you. You don’t have to do everything that others are doing, including marketing your business. The more unique you are and the space you claim, you will attract the right clients to you.

Why You Don’t Have to Worry About Anything…

“Will the 14 Days Program Really Work for YOUR Practice?”

(Answers to this and other questions floating through your head)

You’ve tried going at it alone and hoping it will work out, but it's been slow.
You’ve tried getting other programs, but you still aren't getting people for telehealth or your online program/offering/package.

It’s time to flip the switch!

Let’s change that.

It’s time for you to stop being in overwhelm and feeling like your hands are tied.  Let's end the year strong!